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Romantic Opera

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For fifty years, Giuseppe Verdi was the epitome of Italian music. The vast majority of his music was written for the stage, and he wrote twenty-six operas. Verdi's operas tended to concentrate more on human drama, than on romanticized nature or mythological symbolism as many of his predecessors had done.

Perhaps the largest name in Romantic opera is that of Richard Wagner. Wagner believed in opera as Gesamtkunstwerk (total artwork). One aspect of Wagner's music was that he often used a leitmotif to musically describe a character or theme in his music.

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Sample Works:

MIDI Example Ride of the Valkyries, Wagner
MIDI Example Siegfried Idyll, Wagner


Ride of the Valkyries, MIDI sequencer unknown
    from Classical MIDI Connection
Siegfried Idyll, MIDI sequence by Sharon Zurflieh
    from Classical MIDI Connection

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