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Composer Links

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The Brain - Composers
Annotated list of links on various composers.
Dr. Estrella's Incredibly Abridged Dictionary of Composers
"Dr. Estrella's incredibly abridged dictionary of composers contains basic and accurate biographical information and links to essays about hundreds of composers of western art music."
Classical Music Pages -- Composer's Index
Contains detailed biographies of many composers.
Classical Net - Composer Master Index
For every composer listed here, you may find a biography, recommended works, and/or recommended recordings.
Classical Composer Biographies
Links, personal thoughts, and minimal biographical information on many composers.
"The world's favourite classical music subscription offering online listening, downloads, custom CDs, and a huge resource of entertaining information to expand your classical music knowledge."
Gander Academy Classical Composers
Links appropriate for school students on Bach, Beethoven, Brahms, Chopin, Dvorak, Grieg, Handel, Haydn, Liszt, Mendelssohn, Mozart, Schubert, Schumann, Tchaikovsky, Vivaldi
Classical Composers Database
Listing of links for individual composer biographies.
Classical Composers' Archive
"Searchable database of photographs and biographies of over 1000 classical composers. Also features a daily classical composer's birthday page."
Classical Musical MIDI: Composers A-L Composers M-Z
Excellent list of musical examples and features biographies for many hard to find composers.
Composers A-L: http://www.classical.btinternet.co.uk/page20.htm
Composers M-Z: http://www.classical.btinternet.co.uk/page21.htm
The WWW Virtual Library: Classical Music Composers
List of links and biographies of Classical composers.

General Classical Music History Links

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The Brain - Music History
Annotated list of links on various music history sites. Also check their section on Classical & Opera.
"Classical, Opera and Jazz - see exclusive live events, buy CDs, listen to complete pieces of music, watch video interviews with artists and tune into GMN radio."
Karadar Classical Music
Contains composer bios, MP3s, MIDIs, opera librettos, photo files, etc.
Classical Music Links -- Carolina Culture Connection
"An Index of Classical Music Web site links covering all historical periods, including information on composers, history, theory, genres, styles and forms."
Music Notes: An Interactive Online Musical Experience
"Music Notes: An Interactive Online Musical Experience goes in-depth into theory, styles, history, instruments, professions, games, and more!"
The Classical Music Pages
"This web site provides you almost everything you need concerning classical music- its history, biographical information about composers (with portraits and short sound examples), explanations of the various musical forms and a dictionary of musical terminologies."
Music-sites.net Classical History Directory
"The ultimate Links-Directory to find all kinds of Music-Sites, you're looking for!"
Educational Resource Listings at MusicSearch
Educational Resources Listings at MusicSearch
Music Resources on the Internet
"Music Resources provides 1000s of free music graphics and categorized, annotated website resources for over 1,000 high-rated music-related websites."
The WWW Virtual Library: Classical Music Page
Comprehensive list of links relevant to Classical Music.
Early Music Network
"Information and services about early music and historical performance all over the world."

Classical MIDI Links

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the Classical MIDI Connection
"Midi files of classical music at the Classical MIDI Connection."
Classical MIDI, etc.
A collection of MIDI files by various composers, frequently including biographical information.
The Classical MIDI Resource
"The Classical MIDI Resource is a small, but comprehensive collection of well-performed Classical MIDI files."
Classical MIDI Archives
The Classical Midi Archives contains thousands of classical music files you can listen to at the click of your mouse."
Classical MIDI Files by David Siu
"The classical MIDI sequences of David Siu, in General MIDI file format at MIDIWORLD."
MIDI Music by Lory Werths
MIDI Downloads focus on music of the Medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque periods.
Composers Offering MIDI Files on the NET
"Links to Sites Maintained by Professional and Amateur Composers"

Educational/Teacher Links

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HyperMusic -- History For Teachers
Includes projects, lesson plan sites, and other links of interest to classroom music teachers.
Internet Resources for Music Teachers
Extensive lists of links for music teachers.
Texas State Music Project
A website providing ideas information and "tricks of the trade" for many common pedagogical problems faced by music specialists. TSMP is a service provided by the faculty of the Department of Music at Stephen F. Austin State University.
Music Education Online
"A music education resource for students, parents and teachers."
"Lesson Plans - Webquests - Teachers - Worksheets - Primary Teacher Resources - Math Lesson Plans - Writing Lesson Plans - Reading Lesson Plans - Science Lesson Plans - Technology Lesson Plans - Social Studies Lesson Plans - ..."
"teachervision.com is an on-line community of teachers that provides resources and lesson plans specifically designed for teachers, by teachers, in an easy-to-use, convenient format. teachervision.com also provides an environment for teachers to share their ideas, opinions, and techniques with their colleagues across the country."
Whitewater School Board Music Links
"Selected home pages on music."
Music History Lesson Plans
"Our goal with this program is to introduce music history into our seventh grade intermediate band class... the students will be able to name the six periods of music studied and name at least one composer from each period."
K-12 Music Sources by Gina Otto
"K-12 links to music sites, music history and downloadable files."
The Search Beat...Music Education Webguide
"Teaching . Lesson Plans . Homework Help . Teacher Ideas . School Projects "
Beyond Row, Row, Row Your Boat
Index to many rounds, including sound clips.
The Music Teacher's Resource Site
"Welcome to the premier UK music teacher's site. Since 1996 we have helped thousands of music teachers and PGCE students with their queries, lesson ideas etc."
Lessons 4 you
"Offering Virtual Piano Lessons Online for Adults and Older Students! Work with a Private Teacher Online! Try our Sample Lessons and Start Playing the Piano Today!! Also for Teachers and Tutors - Advertise your Services and Reach Prospective Students In Your Area!"
Music Teacher International
"Within this site you can check out the latest issue, view the huge archive of articles, read a review or two, catch up on the latest technology, search the marketplace, select a book or recording etc. It truly has something for everybody!"

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