History of Classical Music

Vocal Music

(Baroque 3)
The Baroque period saw the birth of a new form of music called opera. Opera combined music, acting, scenery, costumes, and props. Actors and actresses sing the script, or libretto. Some Operas are serious (opera seria), and some are funny (opera buffa). The first opera was Orfeo, by Claudio Monteverdi.

Similar to the opera is the cantata. The Cantata, like the opera, is a series of arias and recitatives. However, the cantata is not staged or acted.

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Sample Works:

From L'Orfeo:
MIDI Example Toccata    (Get the music!)
MIDI Example Lasciate i monti    (Get the music!)
MIDI Example Ecco pur, ch'a voi ritorno    (Get the music!)


L'Orfeo, MIDI sequences by A. Bender
    from Classical MIDI Connection

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