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Classical music lovers discovering the Internet

Red Deer Advocate, February 18, 2000

TORONTO (CP) -- It's fairly easy to find Web sites dedicated to every pop or rock star who ever lived. The Internet, after all, is the perfect medium for videos, music and flashy pictures. But there's an abundance of stuff for the classical music lover, too. From Bach to Rachmaninov, symphony to serenade, classical music flourishes online.
"It's become our primary research tool," says Eric Friesen, host of CBC Radio's In Performance and OnStage..."Every time I'm working on a new show, I look to see if the artist has a Web site."
The Internet has more than just artist information -- much more.

The Classical Period Music Links site (http://classicalmus.hispeed.com/classical.html) is a searchable, organized jump-station to resources for all of the major classical periods: renaissance, baroque, medieval, 20th century, romantic.

HyperMusic's History of Classical Music site (www.hypermusic.ca/index.html) is an even more detailed interactive guide to the entire history of classical music from the fourth century onward....

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